John has published articles on energy, the environment, and environmental health in consumer magazines, scientific, and public policy journals. His formal education—B.A. from Yale University and Masters of Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—combined with a more than decade of work in the public and private sector give him the knowledge and experience to write compelling stories on a variety of topics.

John's main areas of expertise include:

Stream/Coastal Ecology—John’s has published more than a dozen articles and two books on issues related to streams, rivers, and coastlines. His formal knowledge is complemented by his lifelong hobbies as a canoeist and fly fisherman and volunteer work as a stream monitor. John’s latest focus is on the complexities of stream restoration. See, for example, Sharon's Wish.

Energy/Indoor Air Quality—When NIEHS’ Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) wants an authoritative story on indoor air quality, alternative energy, or building science, they turn to John. His twelve years’ experience as a program manager for the North Carolina Energy Division and the N.C. Alternative Energy Corporation, combined with knowledge gained designing his own solar home, make him the writer of choice in this field. 

Southeastern Wildlife—From backyard habitat to sea turtle rescue to red wolf reintroduction, John has covered a wide range of wildlife issues. He is a regular contributor to Wildlife in North Carolina magazine, and has also published in Audubon and Field and Stream.

Forestry—John has written extensively on the health of Southeastern forests. His story on the impact of chip mills, commissioned by the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research (NCCPPR), was for many years required reading for the graduate level course, Forest Resource Policy, at North Carolina State University.

Natural Disaster Response/Planning—Within days of Hurricane Floyd striking Eastern North Carolina, John was in a boat touring the devastated area. His resulting story published in NCCPPR’s Insight magazine was a winner of a 2002 Society of Environmental Journalists award. John was also chosen by EHP to cover the health impacts of Hurricane Sandy.  

Urban and Regional Planning—John holds a masters degree from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of City and Regional Planning and edited that department’s award winning publication Carolina Planning. He has served as a consultant to local governments on how to use their natural resources to enhance tourism and economic development.